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(Apologies in advance, long and rambling character history is long and rambling.)

Rachel was born the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey in Marvel universe #811. In that universe, hatred and fear of mutants culminated in the Mutant Registration Act. The X-Men she grew up with were destroyed by Sentinels and Rachel was brainwashed by a man named Ahab and trained into becoming his Hound. During this time, Rachel hunted down many mutants that were killed because of her, many of them people she knew, even family. She eventually fought back, breaking her conditioning and she was sentenced to live in a concentration camp with the last living X-Men. She eventually escaped this world, sent to live in #616 by Kate Pryde and the Phoenix Force. There she eventually met up with the X-Men. They took her in, unaware at the time of the future she represented.

During her tenure with the X-Men, they discovered her true identity and had to tell her of the tragic death of her mother. She didn’t react well. Shortly thereafter, she met her father and his new wife Madelyne Pryor. At that time, she swore the X-Men to secrecy about her real parents. She felt there was little point to letting Scott know who she was as he had moved on with his life and she didn’t want to intrude. But she did form an emotional and psychic bond with his son by Maddie, Christopher, and deciding that her brother was her hope for the future, she promised herself she would protect him at any cost.

Rachel developed a personal hatred towards Selene, the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, while she was with the X-Men. In a bid to stop her, Rachel hunted her down with the intention to kill her. Wolverine followed to try and stop Rachel from committing outright murder and she offered him a choice, if he wanted to stop her from killing Selene, he’d have to kill her. She ended up with three adamantium claws in her chest. Fleeing and barely alive, she accepted help from the six-armed Spiral who took her to the Mojoverse. From there, she disappeared from Marvel continuity until after the Marauders slaughtered the Morlocks and the X-Men faked their deaths in Dallas. As a result of the Marauder attack, Kitty Pryde and Kurt Wagner were recuperating on Muir Island where they ran into an escaping Rachel. Along with Brian Braddock and his love Meggan they decided to form Excalibur and take up the X-Men’s mantle in the wake of the X-Men’s sacrifice.

During Excalibur, her relationship with the Phoenix Force was explored, and it was revealed that it had been protecting Rachel and allowing her to use its power. Rachel also revealed the truth of her identify to Scott and Jean, the latter of whom reacted very badly. Jean was having difficulties of her own, and took them out on her future daughter. Even understanding that, it didn’t stop Rachel from feeling rejected, and she withdrew from Scott and Jean entirely to give them peace. There were also several instances where she felt her brother in danger throgh their psychic bond and she left to try and help him. Unknown to both, the link extended to Christopher’s adult self, Nathan (Cable). It was first felt during a fight between the two on Muir Island and not understood as neither of them knew their true relationship yet. It would come in handy later.

Eventually, Jean came to Muir Island and made amends with Rachel, inviting her to her wedding to Scott where the two managed to bond even more. So it was only fitting that Rachel was pulled away immediately after, having to give herself over to the timestream to save her teammate.

And there her history gets very confusing. Originally, she was flung far to the future, where she lost the Phonix Force and became the Mother Askani, fighting Apocalypse and preparing the future for her brother. She eventually brought him forward to save his life, along with Scott and Jean so he would have parents to raise him. Eventually she died an old-old woman, leaving the future in her brother’s hands and asking Jean to take the mantle of the Phoenix anew. However, that future was erased when Scott, Jean and Nathan killed Apocalypse in the past. Her new future sent her to the end of time and to captivity, held prisoner by a man named Gaunt. In her fear and pain, she called out for help and the link she has with her brother sent the SOS straight to him. He saved her and brought her home with only the memory of a memory of being the Mother Askani.

For a time she lived a normal life - even trying college - but it didn’t stick. After a few adventures with her brother, she disappeared again, only to reappear the puppet of a man called Elias Bogan. She’s saved by the X-Men and after Jean’s death, she joined Storm’s XSE team and took the name of Marvel Girl. That lasted until the the XSE were absorbed back into the X-Men. When Wanda Maximoff depowered the majority of mutants, the government sent Sentinels to protect the X-Men, but with her history they caused Rachel a great deal of stress. To help, Scott and Emma contacted her maternal grandparents and she left the mansion to stay with them for a time. She felt at peace and Rachel became especially close to her grandfather until someone in the Shi'ar government sent assassins to kill her entire maternal family in order to stomp out the Phoenix genome. They succeeded, save for her brother Cable.

Returning to the X-Men, Rachel began regular therapy sessions to deal with some of her guilt and trauma issues. A paternal uncle, Gabriel aka Vulcan, returned from the depths of space, insane and planning to kill the X-Men. He had mixed success before fled back to the stars, seeking the Shi’ar who had once enslaved him. Havok, Marvel Girl and a number of other X-Men followed him, but he fought back, taking control of the Shi’ar Empire and killing his father, Corsair, Rachel’s grandfather. From the point in time I’ll be taking Rachel from, the Starjammers are met up with the Inhumans and attending the wedding of Crystal to Ronan the Accuser. She’s currently in a relationship of sorts with a former Shi’ar slave, Korvus Rook’shir, who had been sent to kill her and she’s lost the bond to the Phoenix Force she had, leaving her Hound marks visible on her face once again.


Rachel is a good kid with a damaged soul, she's been abused and manipulated by some of the best, but she's kept going - she's a survivor. But she also has a large well of anger and fear in her. She's terrified of seeing her loved ones hurt, of being the one left behind again and again and it can make her angry and reckless. Any threat to people she cares about is taken personally, and she's been known to react violently to it. This has caused friction with the teams she's been associated with, inadvertently hurting the people she cares most about. In addition to the Summers and Grey families, she counts the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four as family as well - mess with any of them and you mess with her.

And you know what they say about red-heads.

Family is a sticking point with her, she's lost, gained and re-lost her parents enough times to be unsure of the exact count. Her relationship with her brother is curious. They both feel indebted to the other and at one point in time, Nathan was the only person Rachel allowed to know she was alive. There's a high level of trust between the two, but they don't really know each other. Adding to the complexity of her relationship with Cable is the fact that she created a permanent psi-link with him when he was a child that still exists. She desperately craves her family's love and attention, but is terrified of them pushing her away, or of them dying on her (again). Currently she's close to her uncle Alex as they're together searching for ways to deal with Vulcan and her relationship with Scott is strained in part due to his relationship with Frost. She mourns the fact that she never really got a chance to explore her relationship with her mother, Jean.

  • Your character's initial personal inventory:
    • (1) dress - red and short
    • (1) set matching underclothes
    • (1) matching red choker
    • (1) pair: black gloves
    • (1) pair: black heels
    • (1) Shi’ar communicator, primarily links to the Starjammer, but has other frequencies - can be adapted to island frequencies as the power is still intact and an enterprising mind can probably hack it


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