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[Dated 1-6-11]

Rachel was quiet when she awoke early, not wanting to disturb Jean if she were still asleep, not wanting to disturb anything in the quiet morning light. She slipped on her running shoes, a pair of pants, tank top and was reaching for warmer clothes to put on top of that when she looked out the window... and saw trees. Tropical trees to be exact, replacing the winter wonderland that she'd gotten accustomed to over the last few weeks. Dropping the warmer threads, she smiled and headed towards the front door, glad to not have to run through snow.

And that was when the next shock arrived. Standing outside, Rachel simply stared, not quite comprehending the sight in front of her. It was a birdcage, taller than she was, with artificial trunks built near the top, leaves shading the interior. Thinking she saw movement, Rachel approached, peering inside to try and see better.

"Hello? Little birdies?" At least she hoped. If it were snakes, she was going to be pissed. Someone sure had a sense of humor on them.

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Jean has been something of an early riser for quite some time now. She can't help it. Her attempts to sleep in only take her as far as nine in the morning. It might be a sign that she has finally grown out of that adolescent need for sleep. Or it could be a sign that no matter what the circumstances, her body knows that there is no reason to not be prepared for anything.

Walking past the window when she saw that the snow had disappeared, she walks outside her hut with every intention of enjoying the return of good weather before going about her daily business. She's still dressed in the sweats she went to sleep in, already too warm for the day.

"Rachel?" she calls seeing the birdcage first. "Well, this is new."

Date: 2011-01-08 06:31 am (UTC)
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"It does that. Brings things that weren't exactly asked for," Jean comments. It has the habit of bringing things from home that are entirely unwanted. She's grateful that she has managed to avoid being on the receiving end of one of those things.

She's not entirely certain how long her luck in that matter will hold out. "Last year I got an examination table. It happens this time of year. But birds, that's a new one."

Date: 2011-01-09 07:37 am (UTC)
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"Something like that."

Walking in a slow half-circle, she examines the structure. As far as strange and mysterious gifts go this is definitely one of the nicer ones. She had heard of people getting presents that they couldn't quite figure out, either what they could be for or what they exactly were. This one seemed to be fairly cut and dried, not to mention beautiful.

Rachel's comment makes her roll her eyes slightly, feeling oddly girlish. It is like she has a secret that has just been found out, which isn't even remotely true. "If he had, I'd be a little impressed and more than a little concerned. They're nice, aren't they?"

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Taking the book, Jean flips through a few of the pages. All of things are certainly beautiful which their carvings and feathers. A thought quickly races through her head, one that she just as quickly pushes away. It isn't a question that needs to be answered. Knowing whether or not South American ancient civilizations had phoenixes in their mythology is something that can wait for another day.

"Because birds are not exactly a baby step up from flowers. They're more like a giant leap," Jean says with a smile, looking up at Rachel and shrugging. "Everyone does pair off rather quickly don't they? It must be something in the water."

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What Rachel is saying makes sense. It should be simple. It should be easy. She likes Leonard and she’s fairly certain that the feeling is mutual. Unfortunately Jean cannot stop her head from getting in the way. It is more than just a little ironic that the one who is the most afraid of being burned used to do most of the burning.

Payback has always been a bitch. She should know: she practically wrote the book on it. The sight the bird makes her smile, utterly unexpected and more than a little impressed by the lovely creature. “Oh, what a cutie,” she says before pulling a hair tie from her pocket. She knots her hair low on the back of her head, just enough to stop it from sticking to everything. “I think it might be that. Things are just a little bit more complicated than they were when I last did this sort of thing.”

Even if Scott wasn’t here, he would always be just a little bit in the way. She had loved him and probably always would even if part of her still wishes for some sort of payback. But she’s rising above that. Being dead helps with that.

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"Thank you." Jean looks at Rachel and offers up a bright smile before taking a step closer and sliding an arm around her daughter. She knows that she's not technically Rachel's mother, has no memories of her early years or anything like that, but she's never felt that that lessens the bond.

Time has always been complicated when it comes to Greys. It never seems to stay as it should.

"I want you to be happy too. We all should be happy."

Frankly they all deserved it. It was just about time.

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“Good,” Jean gives a slight nod of her head. She isn’t going to pry further, ask for proof of such happiness. The idea that it is even a remote possibility after everything that the Greys (and Summers) have been through is enough. There is no need to push the whole thing further. If Rachel wants to share, then she will. It is as simple as that.

Tilting her head in consideration, she considers them. “Raise them? I don’t know. I’ve never been much for pets that weren’t the ‘run and fetch’ kind. I’m pretty certain that you aren’t supposed to make masks out of them. At least not yet.”

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"Yeah. Definitely up there."

Which is saying something given that the very definition of her life had been weird. This place is referred as weird by the majority of people who live there, but often she finds it to be the sleepy kind of slow. Jean cannot help it. She knows better, but often gets the feeling that excitement is passing her by before she can notice it.

"No, you didn't. That's good. That will be something to distract you. What are you thinking of taking?"

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Jean laughs, finding the similarity in choices between her and Rachel to amusing. It is coincidental, pure and simply, but there's something nice about it.

"I practice yoga," she says with an easy shrug of her shoulders. "It's a good calming activity. Very useful for a variety of reasons."

One of those reasons that was always lingering in the back of her mind. The reason that had tried to destroy everything she loved at some point or another.

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Another laugh as she bobs her head in agreement. "Oh yes, practically exploding from all the excitement."

There is a decided lack of excitement which is both comforting and troubling. These days the calm that Jean spends her time seeking is of the inner-calm variety. The sort that makes her not want to lash out for increasingly desperate reasons.

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"Board games. Some people hunt, though that's more out of necessity than recreation. Some swim or go boating, but it isn't the sort of place where there is an active nightlife."

Jean reads. She goes on dates. She does things that are better suited to a child or an old woman than anything else. Taking a step towards the cage, she shrugs. "The options are sort of limited."


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