Mar. 22nd, 2013 11:02 pm
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Valentine's day had almost been a disaster. And since then, Rachel had been trying to come up with some plan to make things up to Aidan. He didn't expect it and she knew he wasn't harboring any deep-seated resentments about it, but she just wanted to do something nice for him. Because she was his girlfriend and could. So she figured a nice candle-lit dinner for just the two of them would be a nice way to start.

It was when she found the outfit backstage at the club that things started to get interesting.

With devious glee she put an invitation that would lead him on a scavenger hunt to a variety of locations. In the boutique, she left him a suit that he could wear, at the Hub was waiting a bottle of wine, at the waterfall was a basket of desserts (with all of his favorites) and as he made his way to her hut, she sprinkled the path with some flowers.

Inside the hut, Rachel waited patiently, her small home lit entirely by candlelight and some jazz playing on her iPod. Dinner was on the table and if she'd timed it perfectly, it wouldn't be cold in the least when he followed her last instruction. Come inside and claim your prize.
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