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Rachel had decided that she was just going to do it. She was going to officially ask Aidan to move in with her. After all, they'd been together for a long time, well, by her standards at least, Aidan might have had longer relationships but it wasn't fair as he was a couple of centuries old and the scales were different. And they practically lived together anyways, she couldn't really remember the last time she'd spent a night alone.

Well, except last night. But a stopover in the clinic didn't count.

Smoothing the skirt of her sundress down, she took a deep breath before entering the clinic with the bunch of flowers she'd picked up and a few books and magazines. You know, normal visiting the boyfriend in the hospital things. She tried to put everything else out of her head. She'd get to it, she knew, but she wanted to focus on her injured boyfriend for a little while before she emotionally went off the rails.

Did normal people have this much trouble trying to figure out their relationships? People who hadn't dated aliens, seen the loves of their lives killed by mutant-hunting robots. People who hadn't done and seen the things she'd done. Or was it just her particular quirk of inherited emotional issues and her own paranoia. Did she even have the right to ask him, because she knew she didn't want to get married and have kids, not here on the island, and was that even fair to him to go so far and just draw a line in the sand? Or was she just leaving herself and him an escape hatch if it gets to be too much?

Those were the thoughts she was trying not to dwell on as she walked over to the bed. "Hey, punching bag, how are you feeling today?"
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