Jul. 29th, 2011

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[August 1, 2011]

Rachel needed help. She wasn't an idiot and she knew when she was spiraling downward and if she'd been smart she would have done this much sooner, like after Jean left and the nightmares started. Or after her brother brought her back to civilization. Or after her first trip to Rapture when she realized how good if felt to jack herself up with artificial powers and go kill things. Things that used to be people. Okay, granted, she didn't actively hunt the splicers just to kill them, but she sure as hell made herself a convenient target on more than one occasion and in the end, wasn't that the same thing?

And then there was the little girl. The proverbial punch in the gut that let her know she'd gone way, way too far.

So once she'd slept for about two days straight and made a few discrete-ish inquiries and now she was here, scared to death she was losing her mind by pieces, and hoping that Dr. Will Zimmerman was half the psychiatrist Dr. Maureen Lysinski had been.

...or at the very least doesn't run away screaming after she gives him her background - hell, if she could just get through explaining the Hound marks on her face and the phoenix-shaped death mark on her back without him bailing, she'd take that as a good sign.

Standing in the hall, Rachel almost turned around at the door, telling herself she could come back later, maybe after she got more sleep and reduced the circles under her eyes, after the bruises and cuts on her arms from the fighting down in Rapture had healed. But ultimately, she knew that was a cheat, if she didn't do it now she never would. She stood in the doorway and tapped a couple of times, clearing her suddenly-dry throat. "Dr. Zimmerman, right? Do you have a few minutes?"


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