Feb. 13th, 2012

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[February 15th, 2012]

The sun was too bright. That was Rachel's first thought as she blinked her eyes. Second was the thought that there was way too much sand in her bed, followed quickly by the realization that she wasn't in her bed which was enough to make her sit bolt-upright and her heart beat. Two things which did nothing for the headache she suddenly discovered.

Moving to cover her eyes against the sun, she groaned, trying to remember where she was and what had happened the night before. She was coming up blank. It was like someone had erased the memories and that wasn't supposed to be possible on an island where everyone had no powers. Cracking her eyes a little, she tried to look around. Sand. Shells.

Ruby slippers?

On her feet were ruby slippers and as she looked further at herself she realized she was wearing the whole get-up. Gingham dress, apron, petticoats, she was freaking Dorothy Gale. What the hell happened to her last night?

"Oh, I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore." With another groan she closed her eyes and laid back down. Why did the sun have to be so bright?"


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