Jul. 2nd, 2012


Jul. 2nd, 2012 12:18 am
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Rachel's school schedule was light enough this semester that she was able to spend a lot of downtime just... relaxing. She'd laid in a good supply of books that she actually read on occasion, she took relaxing walks - a neat contrast to the way she used to run herself to exhaustion just so she wouldn't dream. In fact, she's just gotten back from one such walk and was feeding her quetzals, humming a wordless tune as she went about the chore. All in all, she felt more at peace with herself than she had in a long time.

And she really wasn't in a hurry to examine why that was, either. She knew part of it was from that shared dream she'd had with Nathan and the others. That world that she'd actually hoped was a world in which she'd managed to rid herself, and it, of a demon worth killing. She was disappointed it hadn't been real, but in the end she hadn't been surprised. At least she'd gotten to meet her brother's wife and son, even if they were the ones in his memories, it was more than she could ever hope for back home.

And she knew the other part of it was the guy she'd woken up to. The one with the dark eyes and dark past who still managed to smile and make her smile, too. The one she was sharing her bed with, gladly, who might want to share more. That was what she really didn't want to look at. Not closely. It wasn't that she didn't want... well, she didn't know what she wanted. It was just, after everything, it was just good to be with someone. No expectations. No worries.


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