Aug. 26th, 2012

starchilde_lost: (comic: askani as if)
Rachel was irritated. She knew it was for the most ridiculous reason, but knowing didn't change it as she left the Catscratch. It was late she guessed, but the club hadn't closed yet so she figured it wasn't too late to go see the guy she was irritated with. Not that she was irritated AT him, exactly, more irritated about him, but regardless, after a few drinks, this was the move that somehow made the most sense.

She thought she might regret it later. But what the hell.

After a little while she had to stop to slide the heels she'd been wearing off her feet. They looked great, but weren't made for walking distances and she was unsteady enough as it was. Still the walk was enough to sober her up (a little) and drive her irritation deeper.

How dare he complicate her life like this? Really.

Finding the window that was closest to his room (she was assuming he was in and in bed... she hoped) she reached up to knock on it with her show. And in sheer brilliance, she called out, probably not as softly as she should have been, "Aidan! See, I'm knocking! KNOCKING! Not breaking in, KNOCKING! Let me in!"


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