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Name:Rachel Grey
Birthdate:Jan 15
Location:United States of America

Rachel Anne Summers Grey. Phoenix. Starchilde.
Daughter. Sister. Friend.
Mutant. Time-Traveler. Survivor.


Rachel is the property of Marvel comics and all images used here are copyrighted the same. Images of Alison Scaliotti are the property of SyFy's Warehouse 13.

This journal is for role-playing purposes only, and no profit is made.

Played by: Dawn: [info]ravenrants
Instant Messengers
GMAIL: lady.wandering
AIM: corbiedawn
E-Mail: lady.wandering[AT]gmail[DOT]com
4th Walling: OK, she's seen stranger things.
Canon: Rachel is updated to the War of Kings books. She is taken directly from the wedding of the Inhuman Crystal to Ronan the Accuser, right as the Shi'ar are beginning their attack. She currently considers herself to be a member of the Starjammers.

Concrit Post: All concrit is welcome, please post it here.

Rachel is in her early twenties, with an athletic build and red hair.

On her back is a large "tattoo" of a phoenix in black that covers her from her lower back to her shoulders.

On her face are black stripes that go from the edges of her face, tapering inward. They can be covered in make-up, but it is likely that they will be ever-present on the island.

o (1) dress - red and short
o (1) set matching underclothes
o (1) matching red choker
o (1) pair: black gloves
o (1) pair: black heels
o (1) Shi’ar communicator, primarily links to the Starjammer, but has other frequencies - can be adapted to island frequencies as the power is still intact and an enterprising mind can probably hack it

Time does go on --
I tell it gay to those who suffer now --
They shall survive --
There is a sun --
They don't believe it now --


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