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Hey, what are friends for if they can't kick your ass and tell you you're an idiot once in awhile.

Consider this the concrit post for Rachel Summers Grey.

Hit me with your best shot - comments are screened, and will only be unscreened with the author's permission.
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Hi, [ profile] polychromatic.

Every post before this point is for [ profile] polychromatic. Every one after is for [ profile] the_blank_slate.

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Gakked from about a dozen others, here is a random action spam post. If you want to drop in on Rachel while she's working at the Lux, challenge her to a sparring match at the dojo, or just go out for coffee, here's where we can do it.

Please specify what location you would like said event to happen in the subject line or hit me up outside of Poly - contact info's on the profile page.

Tampered Logs:
Bad news travels fast... w/ Logan [ profile] twodogsfighting 
Closing time, last call w/Kirk [info]starfleet_pimp 
Bad ideas go badly w/Kitty [ profile] phasedcat 
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This is Rachel Grey, leave a message, I'll get back when I can.

Press 1 for voice mail.
Press 2 for text.
Press 3 to talk.
Press 4 to e-mail.

[ooc; Use ~text~ if you're giving a mental shout, Rachel keeps her telepathic "ears" open for her friends.]
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[You can her the sounds of the Lux in the background, loud music, tons of people talking and what just might be the sound of a champagne bottle popping.]

Well, well, well, what have we here? I do hope everyone's having fun, it's a full house tonight, but we can always fit a few more in here at the Lux.

And dear Mr. Bass, thank you so much for the lovely message. I shall have to find an appropriate way to repay you.

[Telegram sent to Sylar]

Greetings. You have talent I can use, care to join me for a few drinks at the Lux? [stop]

[Each person on Rachel's payroll responsible for security or watching the Lux's back is receiving the finger of one of her murdered delivery men and the following message:]

What the hell are we paying you for!?

[ooc; And the Victrola/Lux war begins. Chuck killed some of her people and Rachel? Is not amused. And don't forget the Lux log open over HERE!]
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[You can hear Rachel's semi-amused voice on the video as it opens on three mini-Rachel's arranged on her desk in a row. One's in the obligatory black leather, and it appears that she's been bound and gagged and none too happy about it. The second is wearing Rachel's uniform and is workign on what looks like the Lux schedule. The third, in what some of her friends will recognize as her hound uniform, is taking a nap.]

And now we reach a stalemate.

Has anyone else gotten theirs to be quiet?
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Dear City,

Welcome to the wonderful world of telepathy. A few things to keep in mind from someone who lives with this every day.
  • What people think and what they say isn't always what they mean. You have to understand context, intention, emotion...
  • Trying not to think, is the quickest way to think of the worst things.
  • Be polite, if you hear something you know you weren't supposed to hear, don't advertise it.
  • And last, but not least, you ARE going to hear something you don't like. Probably about you. It's going to hurt, you're going to be angry, but keep in mind the point above. Try not to hold grudges, okay?
Just think, for all of you, it's just a curse day. Enjoy it, it will be over soon enough.
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Hello, friends and maybe family that I haven't seen in awhile. I'm at work, directions are attached to this post. It's a nice bar, I'll buy you a drink.

If this goes longer than a day I have... an empty bedroom, a nice couch and plenty of floorspace... or the apartments across the hall are empty... I think.

I love you, I missed you, come by and see me?

[Filtered to Lux Employees]

I get that all of a sudden you might be surrounded by a dozen or so of your nearest and dearest from home. Been there, done that, BUT. I would really appreciate it if you still showed up for your shifts, or at least parts of them.

We're, um, kinda busy all of a sudden...


Action at the Lux )

[ooc: Anything goes! Action threads are welcome at the the Lux, or this post can be tagged (and backtagged) as much or as little as you prefer.]
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H-hello? I don't recognize this communication device... I swear Scrapper if you've been swiping your dad's stuff he's gonna kill you... Anyway, I'm trying to reach my parents.  Or Reed and Sue Richards? I was supposed to be staying with them and... I'm in a bar, why am I in a bar, Dad's gonna freak out...

If someone can just tell me how to dial out on this thing, that would be awesome, I just can't seem to reach the Baxter Building.
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Okay, don't think I'm going to need to sleep for, like, a week.

Anyone up for clubbing, or just hanging out and watching movies?

Hell, I'll make it my treat, or my place, or... whatever.

...Any takers?
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Know what? I hate this place. Stop the ride, I wanna get off.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the office at the Lux finishing payroll.

[Private to Brennan/Unhackable]

You doing any better today?
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[It appears the giant nose of a cat is attacking, but really it's just Mercy, batting at the Network device before hopping over to Rachel's bed where Keffie's already curled up with a speaking Rachel. The clock reads very, very early in the morning, and it's pretty obvious she hasn't slept, or was woken up by the compulsion to talk.] incarnate, and yeah, it sounds cliche, but that's just... I've never met anyone with that much life. Which is ironic, seeing as how she's dead now. And then there's my Dad, who's probably as insular as my Mom was outgoing. But that whole still waters run deep? Totally applies to Scott. No matter how much chaos there is around him, he's... still. Strong. One of the only people I believe when they tell me it's going to be okay, and it still works today.

My brother's like that too, only with a temper. Got that from his Mom. Oh my God, Maddie was a piece of work. Totally fine, right up until she went crazy and tried to destroy the world.

[The cats seem to disbelieve this, or perhaps they're wondering why Rachel's still talking.]

Then there's my Granddad on my father's side, Corsair, Christopher Summers was his real name, but by the time Dad and Alex found him again, he hadn't used it in years. Space pirate by trade, and no, I'm not kidding about that either. He was a really great man, loyal to his crew, loved Scott and Alex to pieces... Gabriel, too. Even when Gabriel killed him, he was trying to stop him, save him from what he was becoming.

We couldn't save him. I couldn't save him. [She's visibly shaken now and her mouth opens and closes a few times like she's trying not to talk.]

Couldn't save my Mom's parents either. My Gram'pa, he was the kindest soul I've ever met. Just invited me to stay with them even though he didn't know a thing about me. Did you know he played a mean game of basket ball? He was GOOD, too. And he just... accepted me, didn't matter to him what had happened in the past, or what was happening around us, he just... he loved me.

And I couldn't save him. He was killed just because he was related to me and I couldn't save him. Him, my mom's entire family, all killed. And the real kicker - it was just blood, technically none of those people were my family, they were just... their timeline's version of what my family was back home. My real home. But the didn't care - they just took me in and it got them killed.

[She throws a pillow across the room and the the cats streak out and Rachel's left crying and talking to herself.]

Then there's Scott's grandparents, up in Alaska, they owned an small air shipping business...

...God, why am I still talking about my family?! I should be asleep!

40 * voice

Dec. 12th, 2009 11:20 pm
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Hello, City!

So. Since the entire management of the Lux has been sent home, the Captain and I are looking after the place until they come back. Or the owner comes back, or the Deities make the place disappear.

That said, we're looking to hire a few new people. Bartenders, hosts, hostesses, waitstaff, you name it, we're looking for it. Hit me up here and we can set up an interview, okay?

I must be crazy.

Action at the Lux for those interested. )
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[Someone's going through papers on a desk. It looked like it had been organized, once, but that organization had been gone. Rachel's muttering to herself, obviously trying to find something.]

I know it's in here somewhere - who the hell was going through this place...?

...Jesus, where's Bobby Drake when you need an accountant?

[She sees a piece of paper and grabs it.]

Ah-ha! Oh, wait, this is from last month's payroll. Where's...

Holy crap, is this Goodfellow's old tab?

[She shakes her head and goes back to looking.]

This is gonna take forever.

38 * video

Dec. 2nd, 2009 06:13 pm
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[The camera is perched on a stool, and Rachel steps into view moving to stand next to a lamp. She looks at it, winks, and it comes on. She winks again, it shuts off.

She looks at the camera.]

Really, City?

[She reaches out and with a blue glow, she waves her hand and the video shuts off, leaving Rachel's voice.]

And the really silly thing? I spent half the afternoon winking at lamps... and that's the only one it works on.

Yep. The only one.

Yay, me.

[Transmission ends.]

37 * voice

Nov. 15th, 2009 11:57 pm
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[Rachel's voice is harsh, it sounds like she may have been crying for awhile. Her first words are muffled, like she didn't realize it was already recording.]

Last one standing. Again. I don't know if I can do this anymore....

[She clears her throat, and begins speaking louder.]

For everyone who knew her, Kitty Pryde has left the City. Sometime tonight, I guess, she wasn't home when I got here, and her mind... she's just g-gone.
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[Standing on a roof-top is a familiar-looking red-head. She looks older than what people might remember, harder, lonelier, but she stands tall and proud, looking out on the City. The rarely-seen Hound marks on her face are worn with a certain pride, or at least a lack of concern, and her clothing looks made for war.

The soldiers behind her are dressed similarly, and wait on bated breath for her orders. She's not sure when she became a figure that inspired that kind of loyalty, the kind bordering on fanaticism, but she'll take it. She's got decades to go before her brother will come and Apocalypse will fall, but she can wait it out. If there's one thing she's learning in war, it's patience.

Some days she can't remember the days when she was just Rachel, the Phoenix, in fact there's only a small group of people, her inner circle, that even know those names anymore. To everyone, she's just the Askani, the Lady. To Apocalypse she's a plague.

And she'll take that, too.

A bitter smile crosses her face as she casts her mind outwards, searching. Her enemy has sent soldiers to this place. She'll find them, oust them, and leave this City in peace. She's done it before, she'll do it again.]

[ooc: The Clan Askani's here to join your war. If you're looking for a battle here it is, Rachel will see what she needs to to make the illusions fit. Also, her City memories will be hazy so she may not remember you all that well, if at all.]

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Okay, this again, huh? Guess tips are gonna be good this weekend.

I'm at the Lux if anyone I know is looking for me, ask around, most everyone knows where it is.
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Anyone who knew him... Remy LeBeau has left the City.

....yeah, just that. Carry on, I guess.

[Private, Hackable]

I feel like I'm always the last one... I keep getting left behind.

I miss Kurt, I miss Alex and Scott and Nathan, I miss the other Starjammers, hell, even Korvus and I thought maybe being away from him... whatever. I miss Jamie and Rictor, and I won't even remember being friends with them when I go home.

I can't even work up the enthusiasm to go try and help people trapped in that patch... because it'll be gone tomorrow, and it's not like people die here.

Oh, God, does that sound apathetic. I need to shake myself out of this.
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...sometimes it's not fair. Everyone gets to play Dazzler but me. Or is that Lila Cheney? Guess it depends on the person today.

Anyway - the good the bad and the off-key? Enjoy it. Seems easy compared to some of the other crap this month.

[Filtered to friends]

So... if we survive the month anyone up for a game of capture the flag? Full powers and everything?

I really need to stretch my mutant legs... seriously, if Logan ever comes back, or my Dad, I am screwed.



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