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Enough was enough. First, Gabrielle was avoiding her. Then Rachel convinced herself that she didn't want to see Gabby and at some point, avoiding each other had just become habit. Rachel cared too much about her friendship with Gabrielle to let it stay that way. She couldn't let herself lose another friendship. Not because of her own stupid actions on a stupid, drunken, night. She just couldn't.

Rachel fought for her friends.

It took awhile to figure out, but eventually, Rachel decided to just camp out at the statue of Hera whenever she had spare time. She knew Gabby frequented it, sooner or later she'd turn up. So it was on a fairly regular basis that Rachel found herself, with school books or jewelry projects or whatever she pulled off the bookshelf to keep herself occupied. Sometimes, she even did her work-outs there. She almost always had food and she always stayed as long as she possibly could. Sooner or later, Gabrielle would come, this was her place, she talked about it a lot. She would come.

And maybe then Rachel could finally apologize.
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She was running. She didn't know how she'd gotten to this point, but she knew, if she didn't run, they'd find her and she didn't have anyone to protect her anymore. Logan was dead, Ororo, Kitty and Peter.

Franklin. Her Scrapper, gone in the flash of a Sentinel's blast along with all the others.

So she ran, ran as far and as fast as she could even though she knew... deep in her heart she knew it wouldn't be the Sentinels that found her. Not with all their mutant sensing technology and their city surveillance, no they wouldn't find her. He would. He would find her and drag her back to his labs and his drugs and his machines to hurt her until she gave in. Hurt and bend her mind until she gave up her own life and bent to his will.

Ahab, Master of Hounds.

Her feet pounding the wrecked New York pavement, she kept running into the night, listening to the City-wide alarms. Mutants free, mutants escaped, everyone look out for the mutants. She turned a corner and fell, arms breaking her fall, but the skin scraping off her palms. Shaking, she held the wounded appendages to her chest and looked around the dark alleyway, never seeing the dark figure that was sneaking up behind her.


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