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She's not there to apologize. At least that's what she tells herself the entire time she's walking to his hut, arm aching where the she'd been cut and not looking forward to the visit at all. But she needed a doctor to look at her arm and she didn't feel like she could set foot in the clinic yet. And she had to admit, she wanted him to know that she was back. She figured he might have been worried.

But she's not going to apologize. If anything he should, for what he said, for acting like she was crazy to hold onto any hope, any hope at all that her mother was still there. He'd been an asshole and a jerk and she got pissed off all over again just thinking about it.

Kicking a stone off the boardwalk she takes a deep breath to try and calm herself. Emotionally, she's still on a roller-coaster, not knowing from one moment to another how she's going to feel or how it's going to affect her and she knows that's a bad way to be when visiting people, but she doesn't feel like she has a choice.

Her arm hurts and she's not going to apologize.

But when she knocks on his door, there's no one there. Walking around, she tries to look inside, calling his name before remembering - there was some shindig tonight, some casino something or other that she'd seen posters for before... before her little vacation. Figures. Sitting on the front step, she waits, knowing he has to come back sooner or later.


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